Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our Fire and how you can help...

One Wednesday, April 13th the apartment below ours caught fire. The fire spread to our apartment destroying most everything in our bedroom and the kids bedroom. What wasn't destroyed by flames was damaged by water and smoke. Our family has been overwhelmed by the generosity of the people around us. We have had people give us gift cards, money, physical help, and prayers. We appreciate it all so much. We have had a lot of people ask about items we need. So I am putting this list together for anyone who might be able to help with the lost items/things that would help.

  • 4 twin size mattresses
  • 1 full or queen size mattress
  • Boys socks (size 9, sizes 11, 12)
  • Boys undies (size 3T, size 4-5T)
  • Girls socks (size 1)
  • Girls undies (size 6 or 7)
  • Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils
  • Boys shirts (size 3T)
  • Boys pants/shorts (size 3T, 4T-6T)
  • Various sewing notions (seam rippers, tailors chalk, etc)
  • Kids DVD's
  • Kitchen table (seats 10-12)
  • Sleeping bags
  • Baby wipes
Also, my amazing friend Vanessa is selling some prints to benefit our family!

All of the kids toys were saved, so we are good on that front. Things keep coming to me as more time passes so I will keep this list updated. If you would like to donate a gift card it would be amazing to have them from Target (we have to buy all new toiletries, cleaners, etc) or Ikea (my lovely aunt will be driving a truck load down in mid May).

Even if you have nothing physical to help we appreciate prayers, thoughts, good vibes, etc. A fire is a traumatic experience, especially for kids. They just had to sit and watch the whole thing take place.

We are currently staying at my parents house, and are actively seeking a place to rent. If you know of anything please give us a heads up. We need (at least) 3 bedrooms and are looking to live in either Midtown, Northeast, or Raytown. Gardening area is a plus :)

Again, we appreciate everyone who has been there for us in one way or another, I am so thankful for you all. Thank you so much! If you have questions or want the address we are currently located at please email me emily.soulliere(at)

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