Wednesday, March 30, 2011


If a wish granting fairy were to swoop down right now to grant my wishes this is what would happen...

My family would be finishing up our modest home on the a little corner of Shamayim Hill. I would settle for a mobile home, it really doesn't need to be anything fancy. There would be a cute little fence around the yard with chickens and a kitchen garden. Our water would come from collection units with filters that clean it before it comes into our house. Solar panels would be added from time to time when finances allow.

I would be able to help my family with the gardens, chickens, goats, and cows...milking, making cheese, collecting eggs, and canning and canning and canning. I love to imagine my kids roaming around the land, tromping around the woods, and entertaining themselves with things that dont have to plug into a wall. Christian would stay home with us all day and design beautiful things and play with us. We would educate our kids together, and just LIVE.

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