Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thrifting and wallowing...

I have been making myself comfortable at my go to thrift stores lately...probably a little too comfortable...I seem to have this problem with ever doing certain things (think spending, eating, internet, thinking, worrying, yep. basically everything). Anyway, Here are some of my favorite finds...

See those trays...the ones behind the owl? There are 4 of them and I am planning on letting the kids eat on them or play with magnets on them. They are so cute!

See this! I love the illustrations!! So good!

This is hanging next to the front door now!

I like saucers. A lot. I like to use them as coasters. A lot.

This quilt is so cute! It has some weak spots on it so I knew it wouldn't survive washings and the wear and tear of constant use, so my sewing room has some curtains!

Find of the century!! I paid .50 for this popcorn popper. I think it had maybe been used once maybe. This makes for a quick afternoon snack!!

Found this in Oklahoma on my visit early this month. I was so excited to find that it worked and then was completely bummed to find that it got a few bumps and bruises in my suitcase I checked on the way home.


Yet another Oklahoma find. I love it.

On another note...I was thinking the other day about how I need to adjust my thinking. I find myself wallowing around in the fact that my platonic life partner lives so far away...and with the recent move of Jacob and Rachel, my wallowing had become more and more frequent. I found myself thinking about Sydney the other day...hoping that she will find true loving friendship in her future. Thats when it hit me. I should be thankful for the deep bonds of friendship I have been blessed with. I shouldn't feel sorry for myself that these friends are so far away. I will be beyond happy if Sydney can have even an ounce of the friendship I have with these. Its so rare. So...here is to celebrating. I will wallow in my blessings, and be thankful for my friends.

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