Sunday, March 20, 2011

Things to do while Vanessa is here...(aka another reason to make a list)

A few months back Vanessa and I decided that we at least needed to be able to visit each other on our birthdays. So, Vanessa is coming in on the 14th of July (her birthday is actually the 1st of July, but we decided we would like to be together for The Deathly Hollows Pt 2) and I am planning planning planning all the places we need to go/things we need to do while she is here...

Food Places
  • Breakfast with Grandma ChaCha
  • Chich-Fil-A
  • Shamayimhill Cafe



  • Benettis (at least 987698769876 trips, below is a picture of me and Vanessa 20 some odd years ago...again, stolen from her flickr)


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