Sunday, March 27, 2011

On community.

Eric's sermon at Revolution this morning touched on the importance of community, specifically when facing trials. It really made me start thinking about the community our family has right now, and how much that has changed in the past 2 years. We are blessed to have a strong community of people around us right now. People who would do anything for us. Hardly any of us go to the same church, but that doesn't matter. 2 years ago though, we had a small group meeting in our house every Sunday night, and we had a house of people, from that small group, living across the street from us. We didn't do everything right. Thats for sure. But, we were there for each other. We shared meals, cars, tears, frustrations, loss, and love. Even though those times were hard I am about 93% sure I would throw my family back into that situation again.

These days we are in a new church situation. I don't have a strong feeling of community at Revolution. Mainly because of our geographical location I think, we live too far, and gas is too expensive to make it to their home groups that meet throughout the week. Those home groups(or a Sunday school class), they are key. That is where the community building happens. Where it really comes to life. Though we do have people around us right now, that I would consider my community, a lot of them are based in the Raytown area. It literally makes me queazy to think about that fact that when our lease is up (in just a few short months) I have no idea really where we will be living. Probably in the city somewhere, but the thought of having to rebuild our community and try to fit our (rather large) family into a new "place" makes it hard to breath. I know that I need to branch out. And not think of this as replacing our current community, but more like broadening it.

Life is so much more bearable when you have people going it with you. I love you guys.


  1. I'm not there to experience that community with you, but it looks like you've got some amazing people out there with you. And knowing you and Christian, I think you can expand your community wherever you go. It's in your nature. Keep up the breathing because you'll get there and I believe it will be successfully. I wish I could be a part of your local community. You're still one of my favorites. For all time.