Thursday, January 20, 2011


I am human. And in such, have many flaws. One of my main flaws would be the inability to have any form of consistency in my life. Now, as a single young teenager, or even as a teenage newly wed this was not an issue. My inconsistent behaviors affects only me, and later only myself and Christian. The problems I am running into now are these 4 children I have been blessed with. I want to show them consistency, and more importantly, teach them to carry it over into their own lives.

So the first section of life I am tackling is school/education/learning whatever you want to call it. I am not really sure what type of teaching style you could say we are going with. One thing I have learned through the process of trying to homeschool and being homeschooled myself is that you cant always pick one style and stick with it. We do some things in a very unschooling type manner, use some text books, and push heavily on home economic type subjects. This is what works for us. Another thing I have learned: No two families are a like, different things work for different people. The later realization crosses over into basically every aspect of life. So embrace it.

Anything that I write/share about schooling is not be held in a bragging/look at how great i am manner. I am using this blog as accountability. I will report back here with what we are doing. In the right hand margin I have added a Goodreads widget to keep track of our reading. I have the goal set at 750 for this year. Thats sitting down with my kids and reading a little over two books per day. I would love to hear suggestions for kids books to read. Also, please friend us on goodreads if you have one for your kids.

I know that, through practice I can be the teacher that my kids need. I know it will be hard work. But, this is my job. So I need to learn to do it well.

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  1. I'm doing what I like to call "lazyschooling". But amazingly enough, they're learning despite my lack of effort. Proof that children are resilient little buggers.