Monday, January 24, 2011

Sometimes I do a lot of laundry...

I read somewhere a few months back that people who regularly tidy up their houses are usually thinner. Hmmmm...

Saturday morning I left the house around 7:30am to go to the laundromat around the corner from us. While I enjoy my trips to the laundromat, not having a washer and dryer in the apartment is definitely one of the down sides to where we are living right now. The nicest thing about using the laundromat (besides the amazing customer service, no, that wasn't sarcasm) is the ability to get my whole families weekly laundry done in under 2hrs. I just load up the biggest machine they have (whom I have loving deemed "Big Bertha") and read. 24 minutes later I shove it all in the dryer, and head out on foot to Benettis where I sip on tea and read until my load should be done. This is my laundry routine, and this Saturday was no exception.

When I got home, folded laundry in hand, I was surprised to find christian in the boys room. He was running the vacuum, the final step in the daunting task that had been cleaning that room. Now, this was no ordinary room spruce up. This room was trashed. And had been. For weeks. (Now you see where I am connecting my opening thought? I totally prove whomever said this to be correct)Our friends Cory and Vanessa (and their three kids) came in to visit over New Years. We all had a wonderful time! The kids played, and played, and played, having full reign on the boys bedroom. Based on mess to fun ratio...the fun was intense! And yes, I put off and put off cleaning. Meaning the original mess had multiplied to a number I cant even count to. Almost a month later the cleaning finally got done, only, I might add, because my husband took the initiative. We also went ahead and cleaned out Syds room as well collecting a trash bag of stuff to donate, and created a little reading nook for her. In the course of cleaning the kids rooms we had another full basket of dirty laundry.

So...remember that laundry routine? Yep, I repeated that Sat afternoon. Which was actually a good thing. I went ahead and washed all the kids coats and some other random household items that were in need. I was also joined at Benettis by my friend Cassie.

Last night Christian and I started watching The Walking Dead. He sat and worked on some sketches and I started working on a secret project, that I am excited and nervous about. Here is a sneak peak...

Yeah...that really doesn't show you much of anything. Sorry. This project is actually turning out to be a bigger pain that I had originally thought it would be.

You can always check out more of what we are doing in our family flickr stream!


  1. If people who constantly striaghten their house are thinnner than I must be doing something wrong!

    I love Sydney's reading nook. I have got to come see you house when I am home!

    You are so creative-I take all the claim for that your mother and grandmother had nothing to do with it (LOL). Your are a wonderful mother also, you do so well with four very small children. Love you all!

  2. uhh I'm with Amy. I should be super thin with all I do around here.
    I'm a jerk for not helping you clean before I left. Hi, Emily. I'm Jerk.
    Come trash my house and leave it for me to clean. Pretty pretty please.
    All I need to know really is... how many rolos and pretzel m&m's did you find in there?

  3. Um, unlike Amy and Nessa, I do not complain that I am as big as I am after picking up the house constantly but instead I fear the size I would be were I not picking it up constantly. Ohhh, scarry!!!!!

    Love the post and most curious about the project!