Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am not going to lie...

Seriously everything about today has been difficult for me.
Im not sure why, or what it is that happen ever so often. I just get
the desire to sit and not do a thing. I suppose I could blame it on
"womanly issues" but really, I just think I am tired. Having four kids
over the span of 4 years and staying home with them, can really take
something out of a person. There are so many days that I desire nothing
more than to just enroll the kids in school and have my days to fiddle
away on everything or nothing. Then I wake up and snap out of it.
Please understand that I love my children. A lot. I once
believed that as a mother you were called to educate your children at
home. I am strongly beginning to doubt this. Or am I just being lazy?
These are the types of back and forth thoughts that will drive a woman


In other news Christian and I switched carriers, and got new
phones. Keeping with the goal of buying nothing new I got a refurbished

The wallpapers available at Poolga make me very happy.


Probably the most exciting thing going on around here is the recent addition to the potty trained club! Uri has gone almost a week now with no accidents, and is even staying dry during nap time. I am not brave enough yet to leave him unpulluped overnight. If he continues on this path though I will try him in the next couple days.


I kind of want to pause the whole "buy nothing new" thing for these or these. I wouldn't have to feel like I sold out if someone were to gift them to me...I wear a size 10.

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  1. I applaud you for embracing the path you have chosen; from my perspective, you are doing a wonderful job (by the way, how are they all so old while we've not aged a day?) The grass is always greener, but I know you know you've got the goods.