Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random List...and Random Rant...

There are a handful of things I am trying to make a conscious effort to do.

I wont call them resolutions or goals because that almost insures their failure.

1. Eat more local food. This is especially hard for me during the winter months. Im not creative with food.

2. Less yelling.

3. Pay more attention to my kids schooling.

4. Be more creative.

5. Read more. (I have set a goal of reading 27 books this year. Thanks to the Kindle I got for Christmas I have read 9 books so far.
So I should be able to accomplish this, at least.

6. Keep the house cleaned up more regularly.

7. Play more cards/board games.

8. Take more pictures.

9. Buy everything used. (There will of course be things we just cant/shouldn't buy used...but I am talking, clothes, furniture, shoes, etc.)

10. Really, I couldn't think of anything else. I just thought 10 was a nice round number to stop at.

In other news...I thought it would be extremely smart to venture out into the snow yesterday. I had cabin fever, and just had to get out.
Well...I didn't even make it to a main street before I was stuck. Really stuck. After being passed by 3 police officers, 2 tow truck drivers, and countless men in big trucks three ladies stopped to help.
They dug the scion out (worst car ever to drive in snow btw, only because it sit sooo low) and pushed me to freedom. So thank you mystery ladies.

Also, if Uri doesn't give into potty training soon I might just go nuts. Anyone want to take him for a couple weeks and deal with that for me?


  1. Boo on unhelpful people!

    Great decisions! I'm with you on pretty much every front. I have no potty advice, all of mine were late to do that... but once they did, they never wet the bed at night, so there's a silver lining?

  2. I'll take you... you come work my job.
    No, wait. You bring him here, we'll do it together, and I'll just quit my job. Best idea EVER.
    I've really been missing you today. It's probably because I didn't actually talk to you on the phone all day yesterday. Let's never do that again. I'm calling you as soon as I break from from this prison cell called an office.

  3. durr. Him. I meant I'll take him.. Uri...

  4. Ok, you have got to figure out how to type the words in so that they don't hide behind the pictures and bars on your blog. I didn't get to read everything you wrote.

    Otherwise, I love hearing you rant!!!

  5. mom...i think its just you...does anyone else have a problem seeing everything?

  6. #6!!!! I need to do this. I'm trying to take baby steps by making sure dishes are done before going to bed, at least.

    Also, the blog looks normal to me.